Learning about differing search engines proved very helpful for this week’s
assignment and will be of further benefit for future projects as well. I was
aware of some of the internet search tips we learned about, but found that
others I learned about would prove very valuable in research for an exact topic,
cutting down on much time wasted sorting through sites that were not applicable
to my searches.
Just this week my sister, a college student, had to rewrite a paper three times, after not properly backing up her paper and losing it twice. This really put the warnings to always have one’s work saved in more than one safe way, coupled with effective backup techniques, into clear perspective for me.
Learning about different “child friendly” search engines is something that will definitely make me feel more at ease in instructing students to use the internet for varying projects.
Victoria Wells

I totally agree Sue! We live in such a technological age where "Google" has become a verb used in common conversation! That being said, I really like how you pointed out that there were still new things that you picked up for searching tips. We'd all probably like to think that we're tech-savvy and know the ins and outs of searching the internet, but there is still much for us to learn! Child-friendly search engines are something that I personally would have never thought about! Sometimes people forget that there is a darker side to the internet, and that we need to make sure that students remain on task and use the internet safely and properly in the classroom! Great post!


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