It was intriguing to see how many different ways teachers can utilize spreadsheets in a classroom, no matter what grade level. It can be used for unlimited projects, such as gathering, manipulating, calculating, and representing data of all sorts. It could be used in:

-science: chart and graph collected data and results from experiments,
-phys. ed.: track scores, record health info (heart rate, breathing, muscle mass, etc.)
-english: recording and comparing various types of literature, books for different levels, verb endings,
-social studies: surveys of all kinds, population, charting info (natural resources in different areas, government leaders, etc.)
-math: formula manipulation, graphing, compiling number data,

There are so many opportunities to utilize spreadsheets in the classroom. They are as extensive as your imagination, really. I'm glad to have been exposed to thinking more creatively about the use of spreadsheets and some of the spreadsheet programs available.

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