Seeing the Royal Tyrell Museum video conference and the different techniques used was really neat and lead to a number of ideas of incorporating something like this into a classroom. Actually having the instructor there, being able to see and hear the students would make a video conference so much more interesting than a video or textbook lesson. Having a professional in the particular area being studied, also allows for the students to attain a more in depth understanding than the regular teacher may be able to provide. I was amazed at how interactive the instructor was able to make the video conference, having us working in groups, collaborating amongst ourselves, using many gestures and having us follow suit, asking questions and answering student questions, etc. She was very personable, despite us being on a video conference, and utilized a number of teaching techniques that we have been made aware of as well (different level questions, wait time, collaboration, clear communication and expectations, review and assessment, etc). Video conferencing is doubtless a tool that I would consider using for lessons in a regular classroom setting.

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